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French ATL 2

The story of this aircraft started in 1959 with the Breguet ATLANTIC (ATL 1) which was selected by NATO as a Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft.  87 Atlantic 1 are delivered to 5 countries including France, and will remain on duty until late 1990’s.
The first ATLANTIQUE 2, successor of the Atlantic 1, was delivered to the 23rd Squadron in 1991 and is still use all around the world by French Navy. This aircraft was specifically designed for Anti-submarine warfare, but is able to achieve a lot of various missions such as Anti surface warfare, Search And Rescue, Close Air Support, Intelligence gathering overseas or ground. To succeed in these missions, it carries a wide panel of weapons including torpedoes, anti-ship missiles or laser guided bombs. Typical crew is composed by 14 people including 2 pilots and a tactical coordinator (officers), and 11 operators (petty officers).

Anti submarine / Anti surface  Warfare / SAR / Intelligence / CAS

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